Storage Tips and Tricks

Holand Center in Westport, WA is committed to keeping your items safe and in good condition. To show you our gratitude for choosing our facility, we’re sharing helpful ways on how you can properly store your belongings.

  • Preparing Your Space

    Before you store any of your goods, you should place a protective cover on the floor. This way, you can lessen the chances of your items becoming soiled. 

  • Prevent Dampness

    Concrete flooring can be cold and damp. To prevent the temperature and the moistness of the ground from damaging your goods, you may place them on 2 x 4 boards or pallets.

  • Determining the Perfect Size

    To make the most out of our rental unit, we suggest that you choose the one with the smallest amount of space that could still store all of your items. You just have to pack the place full, but you still have to make sure that you would be able to easily move around the site.

  • Keep a Record of Your Items

    We highly recommend that you create an inventory of all your possessions. You should store the itemized list in a safe deposit box or in any secure place at home. It should be kept away from the unit, so you can confirm that none of your assets have gone missing.

  • Efficiently Use Your Storage Space

    You should plan how you would stack your items on the site so that you wouldn’t waste any space. We suggest that you put the objects you frequently use in front of the unit or in any area that is easily accessible.

  • Access Your Items Without Any Problems

    To effortlessly move your items in and out of a storage site, you should leave an aisle down the center of the unit. This can be your walkway so that your belongings are within reach. Additionally, your boxes should have a small space that separates them from the walls for better air circulation.

  • Best Way to Stack Your Goods

    Instead of having boxes of various sizes, using the ones that have the same dimension is easier to stack. For improved stability, you should place the heaviest objects on the bottom and the lightest items on top.

  • The Key to Quickly Find Your Items

    Do you want to spend less time in searching the stored item you need? You should create a list of items inside each of the boxes and place it on the respective package. This way, you won’t have to open every parcel to check the contents of it to get the item you’re looking for.

  • Storing Fragile Items

    Delicate items should be handled with caution. If you’re keeping framed pictures and mirrors on the site, you should secure them with the use of Bubble Wrap or a cardboard. Then, you should mark them as fragile and carefully place them on top or at the end of a stack.

  • Extra Storage Places

    Did you know that you can use your large appliances and furniture with drawers as a place for storage? If you have one on the site, you can put smaller items, such as pictures, plates, silverware, and linens in it. You just have to make sure that all of these are safely wrapped before you store them inside of bigger objects.

  • Saving Space

    Instead of storing empty garbage cans and garden tools separately, you can place the latter ones in the trash bins. By doing this, you would be able to have more space, where you can stack your valued items.

  • Keeping Electronic Products the Right Way

    When it comes to storing televisions and other electronic products, you should put them in the back of your unit. To prevent them from accumulating dust, you should cover them well with a blanket or sheet.

  • Efficient Storage of Sofas and Love Seats

    Couches and double chairs can consume a lot of your storage space. To avoid this, you should keep them at the end of the unit. However, you must stabilize them well to stop them from tipping or falling over. For their cushions, you should wrap them in a plastic or spare sheet. Then, you can stack them on top of the side of the sofa.

  • Storing Mattresses

    One of the best ways to save space is by storing mattresses on their side. If you would do this, you should properly prop them up. This way, the mattresses will stand straight and not bend out of shape or become lumpy.

  • Avoid Rusting of Metals

    Take good care of your bike and other metal tools by wiping them with machine oil. This is a great way to protect your items from rust.