When can I load my items into the storage site?

You must sign our rental contract first before you can move any of your personal and commercial belongings into the facility.

What documents will I need to rent a unit?

When you’re ready to rent a site, you must prepare a government-issued picture ID. You may use your current driver’s license, passport, or state ID.

Am I required to sign a long-term lease agreement?

No. Our team offers month-to-month lease agreements, so you do not have to enter a long-term commitment when you choose our storage site.

What are the acceptable forms of payment?

We accept cash, checks, traveler’s check, as well as credit cards—Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Can I pay via automatic payments?

Yes. Our team can help you set up your credit card or checking account so that your payment will automatically be deducted every 1st day of the month. This way, we can make sure that you will be able to pay on time and will never incur a late fee.

How can I determine the appropriate unit size for my storage needs?

If you want to find out the most appropriate storage unit size, you may contact our on-site manager. He/she will expertly provide you with any assistance you might need. Apart from this, you may try our easy-to-use space calculator to check how high and wide is the site you have to rent.

Should I bring my own lock?

Yes. To ensure that no one can access your secured unit, you must provide your own lock. This way, you can have full control on who comes in and out of the site you rented.

Can I store commercial items in self-storage units?

Yes. Our team has an array of unit sizes that fits your business needs. We specialize in providing large sites with varying dimensions, including 10' x 20', 10' x 30', and 10' x 40'. If you need small spaces for important paperwork or large sites for the excess inventory or equipment of your warehouse, connect with us. We are located in Westport, WA.

Am I free to store any items I like?

Unfortunately, we do not allow some items to be placed in our facility. To keep your belongings safe and secured, you are prohibited from storing food (for both humans and animals), garbage, ammunition, tires, explosives, paint, and solvents. To sum it up, you cannot put in the unit anything that is odorous and corrosive, as well as classified as flammable, hazardous, and toxic.

Do I need to send a notice before I terminate our lease agreement?

Yes. If you no longer need our services, you are required to submit a written notice to Holand Center’s office at least 10 days before vacating. This is in accordance with the lease agreement you’ve signed. Failure to properly inform us about your intent to vacate will result in a continuous monthly rental change on the 1st of the month.